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Throne of Glass | Thoughts

Just ok, though the story entertained me well enough. My main grievances: I kept waiting to see a glimpse of the fearful assassin the characters (even Celaena herself) kept bragging about, but the only time she showed anything of that side was when defeating Verin bare handed and Grave before the last dual. She sure thought a lot about her "talent" and how easy it would be to silence other characters, but never actually did much, and I am still wondering...why not just kill the king already? And her plans to leave the country for good after she's freed; why not just go now...like the king is really going to hunt foreign lands for her? Maybe, but I think that part of the story is a little weak. Hopefully in the rest of the books she'll step up to her namesake. The writing did move past the constant vanity...though maybe I just got used to it. We get it, she's a beautiful assassin and the two men who love her are gorgeous as well. 
That said, the story does have interesting twists that I look forward to learning more about in the next few books, like how the king is aware of the evil power accessible to him and how Celaena is somehow linked magically (and by blood?) to the ancient fae queen Elena. Nehemia is an intriguing character as well, I look forward to learning more about her.

Virginia DeFeo