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Assessments & Critiques

If you are still developing your manuscript, would like objective feedback, or are simply unsure what your manuscript needs at this time, an assessment is a good place to start. I’ll read through up to 50,000 words and provide feedback to either guide you in making your own revisions or suggest which of my editing services is best suited for you.



You’ve been through it all.  Revisions, painful cuts, unforeseen additions. You’ve read, reread, torn apart, and pieced your manuscript lovingly back together. The heavy editing is done; you just need a last set of eyes to find those pesky little errors that always seem to slip through. I’ll provide a final check for minor mistakes in spelling, punctuation, spacing, and capitalization.


Copy Editing

The story is sound. You’ve gone through the line edits; trimmed excess fat, plugged any holes, and tied up loose ends. Consistency, structure, style; you have examined every angle. On to the technicalities publishers care deeply about that often go unnoticed. I will focus on correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and problems with syntax and clarity.

line editing

Line Editing

Cliffhanger. Tearjerker. The End. However your masterpiece ends, take a moment to feel proud. You finished. Now, time for a line-by-line inspection.  I’ll check style, tone, and consistency in narration and plot, and provide creative suggestions if necessary. Sentences will be polished and/or include suggested rewording to improve clarity and flow, remove repetitive or clumsy wording, and correct convoluted structure.


Developmental Editing

We're going to be close. Really close. I’m going to know your hopes, your dreams, your darkest secrets. Regarding your novel, anyway. For text needing aggressive line editing and/or extensive rewriting and potential ghostwriting, I will help develop your ideas and organize, sharpen, and tighten your manuscript to ensure characters and dialogue are believable, the plot is coherent, and the setting is appropriate.