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Heartborn | Thoughts

2.5 stars.

Heartborn has a good concept and the details are well thought out, but for me the storytelling was a little off. Terry Maggert is well-written, and he can definitely turn a good phrase--there were countless quote-worthy phrases.

My issue wasn't with the technical ability, but rather the development. Heartborn could have used a lot more fleshing out to help develop the characters and setting properly. I initially thought this sounded like another Fallen (only better, even just reading the blurb), and I can say that it is infinitely better just in concept and setting.

However, I was lost for most of the story, which was intentional to keep the reader in suspense and learning more only as we progress, but for me it came off as a little too confusing. The characters went from oblivious to all-knowing with no real explanation as to how they are suddenly aware, and the reader only catches up a few pages before the end when all the explanations are dumped out in long paragraphed speeches.

I loved the idea of a brutal society of angels--humankind's future--and both the settings of the library and the Houses in the skies. The sacrifices made by key characters at the end could have been heart-wrenching had I felt more connected to them, the full weight of each decision and the outcome so much more powerful had it been delved into deeper.

Overall, this had a lot of potential, and I can still see the good qualities in the concept, plot twists, and the fated romance...but it moved too fast and dumped too much without taking the time to develop the much-needed emotional connection.

Thanks very much to the author for sending me this copy for my review!

Heartborn Review
Virginia DeFeo