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Snow Like Ashes: Thoughts

3 Stars

Fine. I think we can all agree that the word "fine" usually means anything but. It's the shoulder shrug, "I have no real opinion", "it doesn't really matter to me" all-encompassing word.

That's how I felt about Snow Like Ashes. It's fine. In the YA world of countless lost princesses, flawed heroines, and badass teenagers, you need a little something more to make yourself stand out. This book just doesn't stand out from the crowd.

There's a nearly defeated group hanging on by threads as they try to find a way to take back their country and restore their prince to the throne. A young girl, in love with her best friend (said prince), and wanting to prove herself worthy of missions, always chafing against the fatherly restraints put on her by her captain.

At about ten pages in I had already guessed the big reveal, and just waited for it for most of the rest of the book. When it does happen, it's pretty awesome, with all the appropriate fanfare and badass "hell yea" moments. We get plenty of action along the way, mostly recycled ideas of forced marriages for alliances, evil lords who've made deals with demons to access their power, gruesome battles, etc. And it concludes nicely with newfound knowledge, character growth, and the promise of a love triangle in the next.

So, while the story was well-executed, Snow Like Ashes was just the same story I've already read many times.

Good--not great, but not bad.

Just fine.

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Virginia DeFeo